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Court Throws Net Neutrality Overboard, But Comcast Won’t Ban Torrents

Net Neutrality in the United States suffered a major blow today. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn't have the authority to require ISPs to treat all traffic equally. The decision could have major implications for consumers, but torrenting Comcast users can breathe…

FCC Hearing: Comcast Uses Hacker Techniques

Today is an important day for network neutrality, as the FCC's Broadband Network management hearing has been discussing Comcast's attempt to slow down BitTorrent traffic. One of the panelists said Comcast uses "hacker techniques" to manage their network.

Net Neutrality Wont Prevent BitTorrent Blocking

Ignited by the Comcast fiasco in the US, the concept of Net Neutrality has been brought into the mainstream resulting in planned government interventions. However, unlike the name suggests, Net Neutrality might not stop BitTorrent blocking and could leave us worse off than when this all started.

German Court Decision Hands Big Win to File-Sharers

The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany has ruled that the identities of file-sharers must remain private and can no longer be revealed to media companies who accuse them of copyright infringement. In future, only those accused of 'heavy' crimes such as murder, child pornography or kidnapping will be revealed.

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