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Download Torrentless Torrents From Torrentz with Firefox

Torrentz.com is the largest BitTorrent search engine that doesn't actually host any torrent files. This means that its millions of users still depend on third party sites in order to download .torrent files. That said, all that changes if they have the Firefox web browser installed along with the new…

Pirate Bay Branded “Malware Distributor” by Google

Users of Firefox and Chrome may have a little difficulty access some pages on the Pirate Bay, or indeed any other site that uses the bayimg service provided by TPB. A series of malware alerts, sent to Google, have resulted in sites being flagged by their content advisory service. If…

FireTorrent Brings BitTorrent to Firefox

Firefox is the web browser of choice for many people, but unlike Opera, it can't download .torrent files natively. With FireTorrent you can now add BitTorrent support to Firefox. The add-on makes it possible to download .torrent files in the browser, and integrates BitTorrent downloads into the existing download manager.

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