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BitTorrent aids Terrorists and Pedophiles

In Friday's edition of BBC's newsnight, BitTorrent is portrayed as the new evil that helps terrorists and pedophiles to do their "job" without being noticed. In a dramatic 4 minute report the public is led to believe that BitTorrent is a threat to (inter)national security. Unbelievable, see for yourself.

RIAA vs. IP:

Is an ip-address enough evidence to sue a person for downloading copyrighted material? Recent cases suggest that the RIAA and the MPAA will need more evidence than that. And that's certainly a good thing if you take into account how many people share the same ip, or leave their Wifi…

Done The Impossible .Torrent

Done the impossible is the story behind the rise, fall, and rebirth of the cult TV show Firefly. Firefly was ressurected thanks to efforts of the fans of this popular sci-fi show. In the documentary “done the impossible” the fans tell their part of this success story. They explain why…

MPAA Happy With Piratebay Bust

Hot on the heels of news that Sweden’s ThePirateBay.org is down comes MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) disinformation release, complete with a fantasy picture. And you know what they say about pictures. click to enlarge “The operators of The Pirate Bay have publicly ridiculed copyright holders and taunted law…

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