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MPAA Targets Reddit Community Over Movie Piracy

The MPAA has asked Google to remove a Reddit community from its search results over piracy concerns. The movie industry group lists the "FullLengthFilms" subreddit in a recent takedown request, alongside several notorious pirate sites. Thus far Google has refused to take the page down, and Reddit hasn't taken any…

Reddit’s Unenforceable “No Copyrighted Material” Rule

Following an extended period of controversy, Reddit has just rolled out a list of rules for the site. One of those rules bans the posting of illegal content such as copyrighted material. While the posting of such content has never been explicitly permitted, it's going to prove impossible to stop…

Oh No! Web Sheriff Targets ‘Pirating’ Reddit Users

Reddit users beware, the Web Sheriff is back in town, and he's coming after your submissions. In recent months copyright holders have increasingly targeted "infringing" Reddit links and the Web Sheriff is one of the most active senders.

Warner Bros Targets Popular Streaming Subreddit

In a fresh takedown notice Hollywood movie studio Warner Bros. is targeting the BestOfStreamingVideo subreddit, a community dedicated to sharing links to pirated streams of movies and TV-shows. Thus far this hasn't had any effect, however, and according to one of the moderators, Warner Bros. should focus its efforts on…

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