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Pirate Bay Holdout Still Holds 40 “Illegal Sites”, Lawyer Says

The anti-piracy outfit behind the raid of The Pirate Bay says that dozens of "illegal services" are still operating in the same data center. Lawyer Henrik Ponten of Rights Alliance informs TorrentFreak that a major torrent site, a large streaming portal, and a release group topsite are among 40 sites…

Pirate Site Trial in Norway Ends in Record Sentence

Despite Norway eliminating music piracy with quality legal offerings, last year several movies studios decided to renew their anti-piracy efforts by raiding the first video portal in years. The case went to trial and the decision has just been handed down. While not as harsh as Warner, Universal and Disney…

ISPs Agree Voluntary Pirate Site Blocks

Danish ISPs have reached a ground-breaking agreement with the country's leading anti-piracy group. In future, Rights Alliance will only need to obtain a single pirate site blocking order against one ISP and all the rest will voluntarily block the same domains.

The Pirate Bay Blacklisted By 600 Advertising Companies

The Pirate Bay and several other locally significant 'pirate' sites have been placed on an advertising blacklist. The initiative is the fruit of a collaboration between anti-piracy group Rights Alliance and Swedish Advertisers, an association of advertisers with more than 600 member companies.

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