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Illegal Downloads 150x More Profitable Than Legal Sales

Unlike most people might think, piracy is not necessarily a bad thing for copyright holders. In fact, German pirate-tracking outfit DigiRights Solutions shows that copyright holders can earn 150 times more money from illicit downloads than from iTunes and other legal stores.

The Myka BitTorrent Box Looks Like a Scam

Myka, a new BitTorrent enabled set-top box was about to enter the market last year, and received widespread coverage online. The project soon went silent, but this weekend they have made the news again with another promise to ship soon. Don't fall for it though, it has scam written all…

Automated Legal Threats Turn Piracy Into Profit

Piracy watchdog Nexicon has found the ultimate way to turn piracy into profit for the fresh copyright holders added to their clientele. They offer alleged file-sharers the chance to settle for $10 per downloaded song or an equal amount for a pirated movie. If you decide not to settle, they…

Anti-Piracy Scheme “A Scam & Legal Blackmail” Say UK Lords

Several UK Lords have criticized the practices of law firms that send out warning letters to alleged copyright infringers demanding big payments. These schemes have been labeled a scam, and the lawyers operating them accused of "harassment, bullying and intrusion" and "legal blackmail" in the House of Lords.

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