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Mark Achbar, Producer and Co-director of the award winning documentary "The Corporation" just released an official "share" version of the documentary on BitTorrent.


Well very simple, it’s better to embrace new technologies like BitTorrent and other filesharing networks, than to fight them. As Mark Achbar puts it:

“When I discovered that over 500,000 people had downloaded The Corporation, I had mixed feelings. As a filmmaker and activist, one of my goals is to reach the largest possible audience. So from that perspective, it’s an astounding success.”

the corporationThe movie discusses the power that large corporations have, and the harm they can do. (take the MPAA and the RIAA for example) Earlier this year Mark Achbar contacted TorrentFreak. He was particulary interested in the power of filesharing, but also the marketing possibilities P2P networks have:

“I agree that the vast majority of those who downloaded The Corporation, if they didn’t also see it in a theatre, or buy the DVD, would have been—and may still be willing to—pay a bit toward the production costs, but there was just no mechanism for them to do it.”

With this “shareware” version of the DVD Mark wanted to give the public a legal opportunity to download, enjoy, and share his movie. However, he encourages the public to donate some money, or buy the DVD if they really like it. Sounds fair.

“THE CORPORATION was a huge undertaking. Over two hundred people helped make the film, the DVD, and website, and worked on the outreach campaign, over a period of 8 years.”

Achbar continues:

“I think most people downloading the film understand what an enormous effort it is to make a film like this and will support it, if there’s a reasonably easy way to. So, I decided to release my own “shareware” version of the film, but with a short message at the beginning, asking viewers for a little financial consideration to help offset the costs of production and keep our outreach efforts going.”

More info:

  • The Corporation “FILMMAKER’S OFFICIAL NET EDITION (DIVX )” can be downloaded over here.
  • The Corporation official homepage
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