Torrent Damage Shuts Down Following FACT Threats

The Federation Against Copyright Theft are rapidly becoming one of the most effective anti-piracy groups in Europe today, following the closure of yet another torrent site.

The group, more commonly known as FACT, has threatened many sites with action in recent months. Although UK-based, FACT aren’t restrained by geographic boundaries. TorrentFreak is aware that the group has contacted sites all over the world with their demands to close down, not just those in the UK.

Last week the Hollywood-backed group claimed another victim.

Torrent-Damage is a torrent site founded way back in 2005, so at almost nine years old is somewhat of a private tracker veteran. Just recently though the site received a fairly standard threat from FACT and it was enough for the admins to decide to throw in the towel.

“Torrent-Damage has received a Cease and Desist notice from FACT (Federation against Copyright Theft), and while FACT are UK based (and none of us are), the operators of this site will stick to their gentleman’s agreement and comply with any such request – for the safety of the staff members and its user base,” the site’s operators announced.


“It is with much sadness to announce that Torrent-Damage will be closing its doors on the 5th of August, 2013. Effective immediately, the tracker will be shut down and all torrents removed (thus complying with the cease and desist order).”

A long-time member of the site told TorrentFreak that currently the site has 30,000 members and 35,650 torrents.

Another of FACT’s tactics is to ask site operators to hand over their domain names. It is not clear whether Torrent Damage’s owner intends to do so.

“We wish all of our members Godspeed for the future, and hope that our community was of a great benefit to you while it was here,” the site concludes.


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