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Peter Sunde: The Pirate Bay Should Stay Down

More than 24 hours have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish police. While it's still unclear how hard the site was hit, not everyone is mourning its troubles. Many of the people who built up the site are happy to see it gone, former spokesperson Peter Sunde…

Pirate Bay Founder Submits Emotional Plea for Pardon

After being convicted for his role in operating The Pirate Bay, site co-founder Peter Sunde should soon serve eight month jail sentence in a Swedish prison. Serving this sentence would be a disgrace to the justice system and a personal disaster, says Sunde, who submitted an emotional plea for pardon…

Pirate Bay Spokesman Peter Sunde Resigns

After many drama-filled turbulent years, Peter Sunde, the infamous Pirate Bay spokesman, has resigned. Citing a complete lack of time, Peter says he wants to concentrate on new things, including several projects and a book. "I am leaving a role in order to be a person instead," he said.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Run For European Parliament

Peter Sunde has announced he will run in the European Parliament elections next year. Sunde, the former spokesman for The Pirate Bay, will participate for the Finnish branch of the Pirate Party. Sunde has yet to sit out a prison sentence for his previous involvement with the infamous BitTorrent site…

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