404 Fail: Six Strikes’ Piracy Alternatives Go Missing

After years of negotiating and planning the “six strikes” copyright alert system finally saw the light in February.

While repeat copyright infringers will be punished, in the media the Center for Copyright Information” (CCI) mostly highlights the educational nature on the system.

One of the main goals, they say, is to point alleged pirates towards places where they can download and stream content legally.

To achieve this, all Internet providers point recipients of the copyright alerts to the CCI website where links to MPAA and RIAA approved sites are listed.

Or should we say were listed?

After some updates to the CCI website, the original page with legal alternatives has been removed. Those who click on the shiny “how do I find the movies and music I want legally” banner will get a 404 notice.

Legal options 404 (click to enlarge)


The link that’s no longer available is also included in the Comcast copyright alert, which we assume hasn’t been updated either.

For those who are interested, the new alternatives page can be accessed here.

Perhaps a redirect is in place? Or is education the public not that important after all?


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