Anti-Piracy lobby bans Kid From music chart

The UK Anti piracy lobby BPI (British Phonographic Industry) bans the 12 year old Amy Thomas from the “school kids music chart because her record label refuses to sue music fans.

The Inquirer writes:

Amy had been chosen as one of ten young artists to feature on the My Music chart that launches in October across 1,400 UK schools. But her inclusion was blocked by the BPI after its snoops discovered she is signed to Flowerburger Records, an independent record label which is running an online petition drumming up opposition to the BPI’s policy of suing music fans who use p2p websites.

Amy and a group of sympathizing children protested against this outrageous decision yesterday by holding balloons with supporting messages in front of the BPI office in London.

The BPI sure does begin to look a lot like the RIAA, their US counterpart.


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