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5 Reasons Why Illegal Downloaders Will Not Face a UK Ban

There's been a lot of buzz about a story The London Times ran this morning under the headline "Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads," which also appeared on the BBC website under the even more alarming headline "Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban." Time to get a couple of…

Sweden Warns Kids Against The Pirate Bay

The majority of Swedish children between the ages of 8 and 14, admit that they download copyrighted music and videos on a regular basis. "Lilla Aktuellt" - a kids news show on Swedish national television - recently discussed this topic, and warned the youngsters about the dangers of using The…

Swedish Record Labels See Filesharing as Virtue

While the RIAA sues its customers, and blames filesharing for the decrease in record sales, a coalition of seven independent Swedish record labels explores alternatives that make use of the Internet and filesharing technology.

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