Chinese Game of Thrones Pirates Unaffected By US ‘Trade War’

Last Sunday's Game of Thrones finale was enjoyed by millions around the world but those trying to view through the official channel in China were left disappointed. With the US-China trade war being blamed for the blackout, citizens turned to file-sharing sites where global politics are easily bypassed.

Movie Company Uses DMCA Subpoena Shortcut to Identify Pirates

When copyright holders want to identify pirates in the US, they have to file a lawsuit. However, in Hawaii, the people behind the film "Hunter Killer" have used a shortcut by requesting a DMCA subpoena. This is unusual, as many legal experts thought this was no longer an option.

Reddit KOs Piracy-Focused MMA Community, Ex-UFC Fighter Gets The Blame

Piracy of UFC and other live MMA events got a little bit harder this week after Reddit banned its popular /r/mmastreams sub-Reddit. Following numerous copyright infringement complaints, the 165,000 member community must now find a new home. After a controversial Twitter outburst, some believe that an ex-UFC fighter should shoulder…

Award-Winning John Lennon Photographer Sues Universal Music For $150,000

Award-winning photographer Allan Tennanbaum has filed a copyright infringement complaint against Universal Music in New York. Known for his iconic images of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the photographer says that Universal used his work without permission on one of its websites. He is demanding up to $150,000 in damages.

There Were 140 Piracy ‘Incidents’ in UK Cinemas Last Year

Years have gone by without a single movie leak tracing back to a UK cinema, but that changed in 2018. The Cinema Association reports that there were three movie leaks from local theaters last year, as well as a record-breaking 140 'piracy' incidents. The group cautions movie theater personnel to…

Popular Streaming Site Pelispedia Shuts Down, Operators Arrested

Uruguayan authorities, helped by Interpol and the US movie industry, have arrested the alleged operators of the popular streaming site Pelispedia. The couple stands accused of profiting from copyright infringement. Following a raid on their house, several assets were seized and the site was shut down.

How Game of Thrones Made Piracy History

The final episode of Game of Thrones marked the end of one of the biggest piracy topics in history. The show made dozens of piracy headlines over the years, ranging from prominent leaks, to a mind boggling record that's unlikely to ever be broken.

Italian Version of Article 17 Requires LEGAL Content to Be Filtered Out

Last Friday the text of the new EU Copyright Directive was published on the Official Journal of the EU. However, due to glaring error, the Italian translation of Article 17 (formerly 13) requires online platforms such as YouTube to prevent the availability of works "that do not infringe copyright", even…