How an Anti-Piracy Crusading Movie Studio is Keeping Piracy ‘Alive’

Aussie movie studio Village Roadshow has a reputation of being a staunch anti-piracy advocate. However, the company is also known for delaying local movie releases for weeks, knowing that this may trigger pirates. That may also be the case with the "The LEGO Movie 2" as a high-quality copy leaked…

Reddit’s /r/Piracy Mods Get Tough on Reckless Pirates

Reddit's /r/piracy sub is a thriving community of almost 350,000 subscribers, some of whom are terrified it's going to be shut down. However, a key moderator there has recently revealed a zero tolerance approach for copyright infringement, with a one-strike suspension policy for offenders.

Travis McRae: Sue Me Over EBook Site, I Want the BS Over & Done With

Travis McRea, the former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada, is making international headlines over his controversial eBook download platform. Speaking with TorrentFreak, an unrepentant McRea says he actually wants someone to sue him so he can win the case and set a legal precedent.

Steal This Show S04E13: Faircoin

Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest decentralization and file-sharing news. In this episode, we talk with Enric Duran, leader of the Faircoin project and founder of Fair Coop.

Scammers Use Fake Copyright Notices to Steal Instagram Accounts

Scammers are using fake copyright notices to obtain login credentials from Instagram users, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky reveals. The recipients are told that their account will be suspended for copyright infringement within 24 hours. They can, however, "verify" their account if they believe it's a mistake.

Zippyshare is Blocked for UK Visitors, But Why?

Popular file-hosting service Zippyshare is unavailable throughout the UK. Contrary to widespread rumors, ISPs are not responsible for the 'blockade.' Instead, it appears that Zippyshare itself is actively blocking UK visitors, intentionally or not. Without any official word from the operators, the question remains; why?

Supreme Court Denies Kim Dotcom Permission to Appeal

In 2016, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom filed an eight-point statement of claim for judicial review in an effort to attack the underpinnings of the extradition process. A year later, the High Court struck out the first seven and a subsequent appeal by Dotcom failed. In a judgment handed down today,…

Stream Ripper Verdict Gives Carte Blanche to Internet Pirates, Record Labels Say

Several major labels including Universal, Warner Bros, and Sony, have filed their opening brief in the appeal against the Russian operator of stream-ripping sites and The companies argue that the District Court mistakenly dismissed the case, a decision that gives Internet pirates carte blanche, keeping them out of…

YouTube is Not Liable for Copyright Infringing Videos, Appeal Court Rules

The Higher Regional Court of Vienna, Austria, has ruled that YouTube can't be held liable for infringing videos uploaded by users. The Court overturned a previous verdict which held that YouTube takes an "active role," which disqualifies it from safe harbor protection. Rightsholder Puls 4 is disappointed with the outcome…