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Jamie is the Director of STEAL THIS FILM I & II and a member of the League of Noble Peers. He is currently working on a cinema release of STEAL THIS FILM and prototyping an experimental, post-P2P remuneration system for creators.

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G8 Pushes Anti-Piracy Trade Agreement

During their annual summit meeting in Japan, the G8 members agreed to get the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) ready for implementation by the end of the year. The agreement, pushed by multimillion dollar companies, will open the doors to a digital police state, much to the pleasure of the MPAA…

Playing Whack-A-Mole With Data: The Pirate Bay Lives On

Responses have been overwhelmingly negative to the news that The Pirate Bay will soon be sold to Global Gaming Factory. But what if there is a method to the apparent Pirate Bay madness -- one that, as Peter Sunde has hinted, could actually be good for the P2P community?

Buying The DVD: Unhelpful And Unethical

These last few years P2Pers have got used to TV entertainment 'our way': unfucked, de-loused, delivered efficiently in economical, good-looking codecs. Because we rarely turn it on, it's been easy to forget just how cynical, unsatisfying and downright venal television, as a distribution medium, has become.

Stage6: The Beginning of the End for Streaming Video

So DivX Corporation's Stage6 has croaked. The service's 'goodbye, cruel word' note says it was a victim of its own success, but that it proved 'it's possible to distribute true high definition video on the Internet'. What it really showed is how deliriously inefficient streaming video is, whether it's high…

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