Bitrocket: New OSX BitTorrent Client

Earlier this week we reviewed BitTorrent clients for Mac OSX. This probably inspired the developer af Bitrocket, to launch this new BitTorrent client’

bitrocketBased on the feature list it looks like Bitrocket could give the existing BitTorrent clients some tough competition.

Bitrocket supports essential features like:

DHT: Support for “trackerless” torrents. DHT keeps the torrent alive if the tracker goes offline.
Torrent Creator: Create and share torrents.
RSS: Bitrocket has RSS support. With RSS you can automatically download your favorite torrents.
UPnP Port Mapping: If your router supports UPnP, you don’t need to forward any ports.

Other features like selective downloading, http-seeding, and multi tracker support are supported by the library Bitrocket uses might be implemented in the near future.

Stay tuned for a Bitrocket review.

Bitrocket Homepage


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