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Apple Users Forced to Pirate VLC Player? Whatever Next?

Last year, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users were delighted to learn that VLC media player had become available for their device via the App Store. But now, thanks to a licensing and copyright dispute, that particular party has been cut short and the software pulled offline. Bizarrely, the only…

Apple: Sorry, Those BitTorrent Apps Were Approved by Mistake

For a minute we got excited. Apple approved two BitTorrent Apps in recent weeks, suggesting that the company had lifted its ban on file-sharing applications. But today came the inevitable disappointment. Apple just informed one of the developers that it made a mistake during the approval process, and the company…

Hacker Mulls Banning Pirate Apps With iOS 5 Apple Jailbreak

A hacker working on a jailbreak for Apple's upcoming iOS 5 says he is considering introducing a very controversial feature. Stefan Esser, known online as i0n1c, says the idea of installing his own DRM in order to block pirate apps is going "ping pong" in his head. The team behind…

Mac BitTorrent Clients Reviewed

The number of user-friendly, appealing BitTorrent clients available for the platform are very few in comparison to the number of those available for Windows. In this article we will highlight the most popular Mac BitTorrent applications and compare their features.

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