Bitcomet: The BitTorrent Bully?

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Bitcomet has been a controversial BitTorrent client for quite a while now. Version 0.59 and 0.60 ignored the "private flag", and soon after that Bitcomet was banned from most private trackers.

bitcometThe flag error is fixed in the more recent releases, but there are still a lot of other issues coming up every now and then. For example, some report that Bitcomet favors other Bitcomet users. Other rumors are that Bitcomet is hammering peers with announce requests, and that Bitcomet is ignoring piece requests.

This of course would undermine the “democratic nature” of the BitTorrent protocol. Kdsde has an understandable way to explain Bitcomet’s alleged bully behavior. In a comment on our “why BitTorrent works” post Kdsde wrote:

one problem with this “democracy” is; it allows also bullies on the schoolyard. On the BitTorrent schoolyard those bullies are named BitComet. BitComets “lie” to other peers, hammers the Seeders, disobey the commands regarding the connection from other peers ect.

So if someone is using a Windows Operating System he should not act like a bully and should NOT use BitComet. There are swarmfriendly alternatives out there; for example uTorrent [].



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