BitTorrent Movie Download Chart (wk29)

A weekly returning chart listing the most popular BitTorrent movie downloads.

Ranking Movie Seeds / Peers
1 Pirates of the Caribbean:
Dead Man’s Chest
2 Superman Returns 47,792
3 Nacho Libre 47,298
4 Click 45,102
5 Cars 43,289
6 X-Men: The Last Stand 41,951
7 The Devil Wears Prada 41,782
8 Eight Below 39,291
9 The Da Vinci Code 39,149
10 The Break-Up 39,146

The data is collected by Big Champagne, the numbers of seeds and peers is the average swarm size of the torrents during the last week. Check out Peermind for more free p2p filesharing (non BT) statistics.

thanks to p2pnet


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