Clue To The Massive Playstation Network Shutdown?

Earlier this week, in our post Anonymous Silenced By Youtube, we noted that the group may not yet be done punishing Sony.

As we write this post, Sony’s Playstation Network has been down for 2 days, with no real sign of it returning.

While some have speculated that this may be down to a cyber attack by Anonymous, a response from AnonOps say that they are not involved. They do concede, however, that members of the group could have taken it upon themselves to go it alone.

Earlier this week an anonymous source (small ‘a’) told us that Sony’s infrastructure would be attacked with a new kind of technique. We tried to find out more, but all we can give you is this:

Recursive DNS server amplification attack.

If any reader knows how to explain this in terms we can all easily understand, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Sony has offered no information about what has caused the downtime which is currently affecting millions of Playstation users. It might be a DDoS attack, or it could be – as Anonymous put it – that Sony are simply incompetent. Either way, Microsoft’s Xbox Live must think it’s Christmas this Easter.

Update: Sony have confirmed they have indeed been attacked.


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