Comcast vs Net Neutrality: The Movie

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In 2007 , TorrentFreak broke the news that Robb Topolski had discovered that Comcast was actively blocking BitTorrent traffic.

The ISP initially denied his claims but were later forced to come clean.

Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking fuelled the debate over Net Neutrality and led to an FCC investigation and various lawsuits. Eventually Comcast settled a class action lawsuit worth $16 million.

Now, inspired by this story, a new documentary is in the making.

It’s called Barbershop Punk and will be crowd-sourced via Kickstarter by those who care about the net neutrality debate.

At the time of writing there are 143 backers pledging a total of $8,340. The goal is $27,000 and the deadline is September 29th.

Barbershop Punk homepage here, Kickstarter campaign here

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