Are There Any Demonoid Alternatives?

demonoidDemonoid is gone, at least for now.

The servers in the Ukraine were pulled offline and an investigation into the site’s alleged owners is ongoing in Mexico.

At the time of writing the Demonoid domain once again redirects to random ads…

For former Demonoid members there’s no other option than to find a replacement. However, do these even exist?

The easy option would be to list to the top 10 torrent sites of 2012, but those aren’t really a match for Demonoid. Most of these “alternatives” miss the community and perhaps most importantly, the truly unique collection of content.

While the music and movie industries would quickly label Demonoid was a piracy haven, it was also place where creators were happy to share their work.

Xihilisk for example, who shared one of his music albums exclusively on Demonoid.

“I’ve been with Demonoid for a few years, and it’s always been the first place I go to look for something. I’ve been a member of quite a few other private trackers, and still am, but Demonoid has lots of obscure stuff I haven’t found anywhere else,” Xihilisk told us at the time.

A lot of this “obscure” content may now be gone for good.

I really wanted to close this post with a few good alternatives to Demonoid, but I’m afraid that’s easier said than done.

So here’s my question to everyone who reads this. Are there any Demonoid alternatives around?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Update: Please NO invite begs in the comments. This is not what this thread is for and we’ll remove these comments.


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