Demonoid Breaks Record with 6 Month Downtime

demonoidThis week it’s been six months since Demonoid went offline.

With more than half a year of downtime Demonoid breaks the previous record it set in 2007/2008.

When Demonoid went down at the end of July the site’s admin initially blamed a DDoS attack.

In the days after the raid things went from bad to worse and the site’s Ukrainian hosting provider eventually pulled the plug.

This action followed a request from Interpol, who assisted Mexican authorities in their criminal investigation into the BitTorrent tracker and its operators.

Fast forward six-months and Demonoid is still offline.

However, there’s still a possibility that the site may eventually return.

The hope of Demonoid users was fueled in November when the tracker briefly returned, as well as by the recent switch to a new .HK domain.

Time will tell whether Demonoid can indeed make a comeback once again.


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