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After three and a half months of downtime Demonoid's tracker is now back online. The unexpected revival of the tracker is the first sign of life in weeks and suggests that the Demonoid team is working to bring the full site back online. While the index and forum remain offline, the many thousands of torrents tracked by Demonoid have been brought back to life.

demonoidWhen Demonoid went down at the end of July the site’s admin blamed a DDoS attack. This initial attack resulted in a series of problems that were not easy to fix.

However, at the time the tech admin of the site was determined to get the site back online.

“You know how it goes with Demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back,” the admin told us.

This was easier said than done though, and things went from bad to worse when Demonoid’s hosting provider Colocall pulled the plug following pressure from Interpol. But despite the site’s entanglement in a criminal investigation, Demonoid’s users never gave up hope that the site would return.

Today, this hope appears to be justified as the first step towards a comeback was been made. A few hours ago Demonoid’s tracker was kicked back into action.

Demonoid’s tracker is working

It may not come as a surprise that Demonoid is no longer with its former hosting company in the Ukraine. It appears that they have moved to Hong Kong instead, judging from the IP-address linked to the tracker.

While the news of the revived tracker will delight many Demonoid users, it may take some time before the site itself returns, if that’s the plan. In 2007 and 2009 Demonoid suffered similar downtime episodes and at the time the tracker reappeared several weeks before the site.

When the DDoS hit Demonoid late July the site also suffered from an “exploit of sorts” which caused some damage. It is unclear whether this has been resolved at this point. The admin told us at the time that if the site did indeed return, it might move over to the new code they had been testing for a while.

Time will tell if that’s indeed the case.

TorrentFreak has asked Demonoid’s tech admin for a comment on the tracker comeback and the possible return of the website, and we’ll update this article once we receive a response.


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