Demonoid Still Down After Three Months

Today it’s been three months since Demonoid was driven offline by a massive DDoS attack at the end of July.

In the days after the raid things went from bad to worse and the site’s Ukrainian hosting provider eventually pulled the plug.

This action followed a request from Interpol, who assisted Mexican authorities in their criminal investigation into the BitTorrent tracker and its operators.

demonoidFast forward three months and all the domains still fail to load, and the tracker remains offline as well.

The last update we got was in mid-September, when the hope for a quick resurrection was tempered.

“I hope there will be one day, but it might not be soon,” the tech admin told TorrentFreak at the time.

“We are down, and we’re not looking into putting the site back up at the moment,” the admin added.

Nevertheless, many Demonoid users keep hope that it will return eventually, as alternatives are hard to find.

The current situation is reminiscent of the downtime Demonoid suffered during the summer of 2007, when the site shut down its servers after receiving legal threats from the CRIA.

After being offline for six months the site eventually reappeared in full glory early 2008.

Time will tell whether Demonoid can make a comeback once again.


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