Demonoid Will Be Back, But Patience Required

demonoidMore than a week has passed since a DDoS attack took the popular BitTorrent site Demonoid down.

In an update on the situation, the sole tech admin of the site tells us that it will take a while before the site returns.

The DDoS resulted in resulting in a series of problems that may take a while to address. However, he does not intend to throw the towel for now.

“I don’t plan on shutting down, but if Im going to fix it I have to do it properly. That means upgrading a lot of our 7 year old hardware and maybe bringing up the beta only,” the admin told TorrentFreak.

Quite a few people have offered to help out, but the admin doesn’t want to expose sensitive user data to complete strangers.

“I have gotten a few offers to help but that means giving way too many privileges over the user data to a stranger…Can’t have that,” he tells us.

Users will have to be patient, but many of the older members have learned that by now. Over the years the site has had its fair share of downtime, sometimes disappearing for months on end.

“You know how it goes with demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back,” the admin concludes.


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