Dotcom Extradition Hearing Faces Further Delay

Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing was initially scheduled to take place last August, but was delayed until March next year because legal arguments on a number of issues complicated the case.

Today the news broke that the hearing may be delayed even further.

liberationMSN reports that Anne Toohey, a lawyer acting on behalf of the commissioner of police, told the court there is a “high likelihood” it may now be delayed until July.

Megaupload’s founder is not happy with the news, as it means he has to make significantly more legal costs.

“Extradition hearing delayed AGAIN. Because the US government is rejecting to provide evidence,” Dotcom commented on Twitter.

The delay also means that fewer funds are available to pay staff.

“Our staff are the breadwinners for their families and they are family to us. Our kids love them. But Crown Law wants them gone,” Dotcom noted.


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