Dotcom ‘Mega Conspiracy’ Extradition Hearing Delayed Until April 2014

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The extradition hearing of Kim Dotcom and his associates from the now defunct Megaupload cloud storage company has been delayed yet again. The court process was due to get underway in two weeks time but U.S. authorities will now have to wait until 2014 at the earliest to get their hands on the Internet tycoon after the hearing was put back to April 2014.

Following the arrest of Kim Dotcom and his associates in New Zealand early 2012, it soon became apparent that the United States Government would like to get their hands on those who they claim carried out the ‘Mega Conspiracy’.

With the four individuals – Dotcom himself plus Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk – still located in New Zealand, the U.S. would need a successful extradition if the group were to face copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering and various other charges.

It seems hard to believe, but in just over a couple of months it will be two years since that fateful January morning but United States authorities will have to remain patient. The extradition hearing, already delayed several times and most recently scheduled for November 22, has been delayed yet again.

According to 3News, the hearing has now been put back to April 2014.

Previously marked for the North Shore District Court, the hearing has also been moved to the Auckland District Court. It is expected to take place over several weeks.

Over in the United States the case against Dotcom and his associates has gone very quiet, with no new activity since July 2013.

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