Dutch ISP’s are rethinking collaboration with BREIN

The Dutch ISP XS4all stated that they are willing to work with the anti-piracy organization BREIN in their “war on piracy”. At the same time, another ISP (UPC) said they were planning to release the names and addresses of some of the heavy “illegal filesharers” to BREIN.

Interestingly, last month the Dutch court ruled that ISP’s could not be forced to hand over customer info to BREIN. However, it seems that at least some ISP’s in the Netherlands are considering to negotiate a structural solution with BREIN.

XS4all CEO Simon Hania said that it would be a good thing to have a clear procedure that all ISP’s have to live up to. Hania is willing to talk, but also opting for an independent organization, to handle the complains, not one who’s representing the movie and music industry.


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