EA Games: Challenge BitTorrent Users!

Apparently Electronic Arts is watching BitTorrent trackers, and started to send out letters to ISP’s of alleged copyright infringers.

it's in the gameWe’re used to copyright infringement letters form the RIAA and MPAA because it’s their core business, but letters from game developers are quite exceptional.

A Destructoid reader reported that he was accused of downloading a copy of NHL 07 and wrote:

“I’m not sure if this has been shown anywhere else, I certainly wasn’t aware of it. I had thought it was just giant organizations like RIAA and MPAA that were watching BitTorrent. But if it was going to be any game company, it was going to be EA. I got a letter from my ISP this morning (Comcast) informing me that EA had sent them the IP address of my network as downloading a torrent of NHL 07. I haven’t heard of them suing anyone yet, but they’re keeping an eye on it apparently.”

It’s in the game…


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