File-Sharing Forum Admin Jailed For Six Months

Following an initial investigation four years ago, a case against a file-sharing forum admin has just concluded with fines and a six month jail sentence.

In 2009, French anti-piracy group ALPA launched an investigation into Infernio Advitam, a 10,000 member file-sharing focused forum.

ALPA later filed a complaint with the police after discovering the site was making available more than 1,500 movies without permission.

According to a Numerama report, that case has now reached its conclusion with the Criminal Court of Caen handing down a six month jail sentence to the site’s operator.

In addition the admin will have to pay 8,000 euros in fines but damages, likely to be substantial, are yet to be agreed.

ALPA say the admin made around 25,000 euros from donations but the plaintiffs in the case – Fox, Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Universal Studios and Tristar – will expect much more.


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