Filesharing is Great Business

Filesharing technologies like BitTorrent have a bad name to most people who are not using it. Take the BBC Newsnight report for example, or the MPAA rallies. However these enemies are at the same time BitTorrent’s greatest fans, and the ones who can make or save a lot of money with it.

Today, legal implementations of BitTorrent are not new anymore. The BBC, Sky and NTL are using BitTorrent to spread movies and TV-shows. The MPAA signed an agreement with BitTorrent to fight “illegal” filesharing. Allpeers, a BitTorrent extension for the popular browser Firefox just received a huge sum of money. BitTorrent inc. is even opening its own online video store.

The legal opportunities are endless. People might want to focus on that instead of blaming a tool for things that might be illegal somewhere.

Like Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, an OECD economist in its IT division states

“Peer-to-peer technology will be among the essential components of everyday communication … chilling its legal use is like being against the steam engine in the 19th century,” said .

Even Adrian Strain, a spokesman for the music industry’s lobbying group, the IFPI said

“Everyone agrees that P2P is a fantastic technology but we will have to see whether it can be successfully converted into a legitimate and commercially viable business model,”.

So stop suing and get to work!


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