Fleet Foxes On Piracy – Don’t Make Discs, Make Music

Portland, Oregon-based folk band Fleet Foxes are a known for their pragmatic and often supportive approach to online file-sharing.

In an interview with Shortlist Magazaine, band leader Robin Pecknold does nothing to undermine that support.

“There’s nothing you can do about technology. When the product leaves the disc it’s not chained to a physical format any more. It’d be different if we were sculptors because you can’t download a sculpture — not yet, at least,” says Pecknold.

“We’re unlucky in that our medium of choice is easily transferable over the internet, but that shouldn’t really matter. You’re not trying to make discs — you’re trying to make music. The medium shouldn’t matter and people will still reward you by buying records or seeing shows if you do something that they like.”

“I’m a music fan and that’s what I do.”

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