iiNet BitTorrent Piracy Case Goes Back to Court

The landmark court battle between the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft and the Aussie ISP iiNet will continue at The High Court.

After previous unsuccessful attempts at making iiNet responsible for the copyright infringing activities of their users, AFACT is still refusing to give in.

As reported in March, the Hollywood-backed group is taking its case to the High Court, claiming that two of the three judges in the appeal did not apply legal tests correctly.

The Australian reports the appeal may start as soon as September:

“The High Court has confirmed the date as the earliest of two it has set aside to hear the studios argue for special leave to challenge a Federal Appeal Court’s decision in February, which saw Perth-headquartered ISP iiNet narrowly avoid a ruling that it authorised its customers to infringe copyright online.”

“If the hearing doesn’t go ahead on August 12 the court has set aside September 2 as an alternative date.”


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