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Sounds like a great combo, and it is. Jamendo is a new model that allows artists to promote and publish their music. For the public it's a great place to discover, listen and download new music.

All music is available in several high quality formats. The site has a great look, and all the stuff a music sharing community needs.

Jamendo is still growing and has a lot of potential. The great thing is that both the artist and the public profit from this concept. The artists have a great platform to publish their music, an easy way to make their work available to a lot of people. Users on the other hand can download, remix and share music for free through our beloved BitTorrent.

And if you really like an album you have the option to directly donate to the artist. Everybody wins, except for the big record labels of course, initiatives like this could be “the final nail in the music industry coffin”. The music industry needs a drastic change.

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