GayTorrent Shuts Down, one of the largest gay torrent trackers appears to have shut down.

The homepage has been replaced by a RIP banner with some moody music playing in the background.

Tens of thousands of users are left in the dark, and will have to find a new home to share their seeds. follows a slew of other sites that went down in recent weeks, including BTjunkie.

TorrentFreak contacted the site’s operators for more information regarding the drastic decision, but we have yet to hear back from them.

Update: GayTorrent released this statement suggesting that legal worries are the reason for the shutdown. The smaller sister site was also pulled offline.

“An old school amgia scene friend of mine was the co founder of MegaUpload. I also was a former friend from mr dotcom – in fact i introduced them to each other.

I didn’t talk to mr dotcom since 2000 but i was in frequent contact to the co-founder of Mega – last time just some days before the bust.

He is also a very good programmer so i shared technical details about via phone and emails. I don’t have to say which people are able to read those emails. I don’t want to say, we are all just glass!

At the time of co-founder’s release on bail the problems begun….. This could be just a “funny” coincidence.

Therefor i had some talks to my lawyers and finally decided to quit! It is time to move on.

I like to thank the whole team and all my users for their steady support from the beginning! You were PART OF the biggest gay porn tracker on the net with over 400.000 Peers at closing time and over 43.000 movies online and more than 10.000 different users every day.

Yesterday it was finally very very emotional for me, closing both sites and while logged into my servers. I will miss the team, users and the site – the same way like you do!” Goes Dark



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