Set TorrentFreak Straight

Two days ago we covered the news that a U.S. court ordered a Canadian man to pay $60,000 in damages to the adult entertainment studio Corbin Fisher.

In this article we referenced the original complaint, which clearly stated that shared personal information of the uploader with the studio.

Those in the know realized that (with an S) doesn’t exist, but (without an S) does. Many users of the latter site therefore assumed that the operators of shared the information.

However, this is pertinently not true according to the team.

“Corbin Fisher or a lawyer from corbin fisher NEVER contacted before… THEY NEVER DID IT!” TorrentFreak was told.


We also received a statement from Alan Phillips, the man who was ordered to pay $60,000, and he also doubts that had any part in this.

“I have absolutely NO reason to believe that an administrator/moderator of assisted in any way in the identification of me in this case,” he said.

Phillips also points out that the reference to the tracker was removed from an amended version of the original complaint.

TorrentFreak contacted Corbin Fisher’s lawyer Marc Randazza to shed some light on the confusing situation, and he told us that “all of the details of our investigative processes are privileged information.”

Randazza did not confirm nor deny whether the complaint meant to read instead of


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