Giganews Becomes First Usenet Provider With Five Years Retention

Giganews, one of the largest Usenet providers on the planet, has just become the very first to offer a mind-bloggling five full years of binary retention.

Aside from other important factors such as price and speed, retention has always been one of the most important considerations for those looking to invest in a Usenet account.

Retention, the length of time content should stay on a server following upload, has been growing steadily over the years. September last year Giganews became the first Usenet provider to offer four years of binary group retention side by side with a text retention of more than 8.5 years.

Now, less than a year later, they’re breaking records again.

“We reached an exciting milestone, 5 years of binary retention!” the company said in a statement.

“That makes us the first Usenet provider in the world to offer 5 years of binary retention and over 10 years of text retention. Rest assured – we will continue to grow our Usenet retention every day to provide the best Usenet service possible.”

While retention increases year after year, the massive popularity of newsgroups appears to be somewhat on the wane following the disappearance of several indexing sites in recent months coupled with the aggressive takedown actions of anti-piracy companies.


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