H33t Founder Anum Dies at 25

Anum, co-founder of H33T, one of the largest BitTorrent sites, passed away two weeks ago.

Earlier this year he fell from a second storey window and although he recovered from a deep coma he ultimately was to succumb to his injuries.

“In January anum fell out of a window and caught pneumonia, there was nothing we could do, his lungs died and there was no lung transplant for him,” H33T co-founder Lacadaemon (a blood relative of anum) writes.

Anum designed all the artwork for the popular BitTorrent site and kept on doing so until his last day.

“Anum spent his final day with me designing artwork for a new project. He was quietly brave concerning his end of life decision. His last words were typed on his laptop ‘I am not afraid to die. I am afraid of being alone’” Lacadaemon writes.

The previously unpublished logo below currently prides the H33T site, and was typical of anum’s creativity.


Our thoughts and deepest condolences are to all who were close to him.

Lacadaemon shared the following with TorrentFreak in remembrance of anum.

“We are growing up, building history in our sharing culture, lives are being lived, and while we so often celebrate the successes and failures, today we mourn one of our fallen, a front line activist whose work has been seen by tens if not hundreds of millions without any one of them knowing his name. That is how it has to be in this world where it is bankers who do God’s work on earth, greed is good, and sharing a piece of corporate mass-media can get you longer jail time than for violence.”

“We reject the current hegemony, choosing instead alternatives about shared values, freedom and autonomy, creating our own culture based on sharing, co-operation and mutual support. We are united from every land on this planet in a new diaspora by the common belief that knowledge should be free, or taken to its ultimate conclusion: education is the great equalizer. BitTorrent is our engine, file sharing is our work, for our sins we live incognito, today we remember anum, founding member of H33T, our companion and friend, who on 15 May 2013 died aged 25 ….”


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