H33T Goes Down

The popular torrent site H33t.com is “under fire.”

For reasons unknown, the site has been unresponsive for a few hours now.

TorrentFreak contacted the owner of the site for more details on the situation, but he has yet to reply.

As usual, we expect that the downtime is caused by a technical issue, but with sites being shut down left and right you can never be too sure.

As soon as we hear more about the situation at h33t.com we’ll post a short update here.

Update: H33t’s owner told TorrentFreak that a broken hard disk is causing the downtime. It is scheduled to be replaced on Monday. There are backups so there is (almost) no data loss.

Update: (comment from H33t)

Late Friday evening I was sitting watching tv at a friend’s house when she said h33t did not look right.

I drove home to find the community were reporting all their personal messages were missing. Further investigation showed the main database server was in a high “IO wait state”. Missing data combined with CPUs in wait state generally means a broken hard drive. stress!

Lucky for us I took a backup at 17:00 on Friday evening. I say lucky because it was an unscheduled backup, on Friday I was working on the database improving the indexing and it is good practise to always take a backup before ever touching a database. We have lost approximately only 6 hours of uploads between 17:00 to 23:00 when I took the servers down.

The forum uses a different database and it remains offline. It will take some work to save the most up to date forum data. The system is using RAID so I must wait until the faulty drive is swapped out by the engineers in the datacenter and the filesystem rebuilds itself. I recall there is a spare unused drive in server so maybe Monday we can see what we have saved. Otherwise the forum will be rolled back by one week to the last backup.

Thank you for the kind words of support. It is wise words to say “all torrents sites and all its users should be sticking together”. I find that in all the community sites the number of haters is very small. The general attitude of sharers everywhere is excellent, sharers are good people, intelligent people, caring people, becoming a sharer is the best thing that ever happened to me. The internet is growing up, we are maturing into a global social movement motivated by the aspiration that the world can be better when we share and communicate with each other.

I am going to take this opportunity to echo here what I found on reddit this week, it spoke very well for us. On this day that Sarkozy fell, in the same week that the UK’s ruling coaliton suffered heavy losses in the local elections, as the Greek elite are suffering heavy losses in their general election, it is my hope that Pirates everywhere will unite to fight the abuse of power by the ruling elite that have destroyed our wealth and plunged our societies into poverty and recession:

– We are not against the rich. We are aginst using wealth to gain unfair advantage.
– We are not against corporations. We are against corporations governing us.
– We are not against capitalism. We are against corruption in capitalism.
– We are not against banks. We are against legalised fraud in banking practises.
– We are not against democracy. We are against the sale of influence by our elected representatives.

We sharers are legion, they should respect us.

http://h33t.com where education is the great equaliser

tl;dr broken HD, h33t is back, go vote

H33t is down



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