Internet Observatory Brings Real-Time P2P Traffic Statistics

Ipoque, a German based company that specializes in developing bandwidth managing solutions for universities and ISPs has just launched the Internet Observatory.

The site offers real-time insight into Internet traffic statistics, and show how much bandwidth is used by various applications.

A quick look at the stats shows that P2P traffic in Europe accounts for more than a quarter of all bandwidth, and 40 percent of all packets sent. Nearly all comes from BitTorrent.

During the night the share of BitTorrent traffic exceeds 50%.

“We want the Internet Observatory to become an Internet seismograph, an information service for everybody seeking reliable data about what happens on the Internet in various regions of the world, at every time of the day,” says Klaus Mochalski, responsible for the project at Ipoque.

The traffic stats are currently limited to Europe only, but other regions will be added in the near future.

Real-Time Internet Traffic



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