IP Law Firm Sends Takedown Notice to IP Law Firm

Here’s an interesting takedown notice.

The Intellectual Property law firm IP Strategies sent a friendly message to their colleagues at Fountainhead Law Group.

IP Strategies doesn’t want the other law firm to use the trademarked term “IP Strategies” on their website.

Fountainhead Law Group doesn’t seem to be impressed by the request though, as the ‘infringing’ term is still there.

And there are plenty more people on the Internet who use the same word combo….

Re: Registered U.S. Trademark – IP Strategies

Dear [recipient]:

We are an intellectual property law firm and owners of U.S. Trademark Registration 2,602,819, for the word mark IP STRATEGIES (copy enclosed). We practice patent, trademark, and copyright law, and have been providing these services under the IP STRATEGIES mark since at least as early as June, 2000. Accordingly, our trademark registration list services under International Class 42, specifically, legal services.

Your Web site recently came to our attention. It’s very well done and informative, and I’m impressed with the work that you’ve done. However, I am concerned with your use of our registered mark “IP Strategies” on your site, particularly the page entitled “Firm Overview”. It might seem like a small matter, but unauthorized use of our mark by third parties has increased recently, and we have to be diligent in policing our mark. We therefore ask that you stop using “IP Strategies” in the text of your site and in any other advertising materials that you might publish.

IP Strategies does not want to hinder the business of other firms, but must take steps to protect the value of its trademark, as I’m sure you understand. We appreciate your cooperation.



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