ISPs Denied Digital Economy Act Appeal, Will Fight On

Two of the UK’s largest Internet service providers have been denied permission to appeal against their earlier failed legal action which challenged the Digital Economy Act.

BT and TalkTalk had attempted to overturn a high court review of the legislation at the Court of Appeal.

On Monday, Judge Sir Richard Buxton refused the application at the High Court in London, effectively ending the companies’ efforts to have controversial clauses, such as the disconnection of Internet subscribers on copyright grounds, removed from the Act.

Nevertheless, BT and TalkTalk are refusing to give in and have signalled they will continue to fight.

“We still believe that the Digital Economy Act measures aimed at preventing online copyright infringement are inconsistent with European law,” the pair said in a statement this afternoon.

“Following the decision of Lord Justice Buxton earlier this week we have asked the Court of Appeal for an oral hearing of our application for permission to appeal.”

Last month a United Nations report said that disconnecting file-sharers from the Internet would breach human rights.


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