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You read it correctly. The script of the 4th sequel to the major Hollywood blockbuster, Jurassic Park, has been leaked onto BitTorrent. The title of the script is "Dawn of Extinction: Jurassic Park", and production of the movie hasn't even started yet!

Jurassic Park - New DawnPossibly the most popular film of the early nineties, Jurassic Park made more money at the box office than any film before it, and was only topped only by Titanic some years later. This was before the Internet, in 1993. 14 years later and the script to the fourth sequel has been leaked and uploaded to BitTorrent.

The script was uploaded to a popular semiprivate BitTorrent tracker by a certain “xbadwolfx” 6 days ago. He claims that it is the original copy, and that he has “friends in the company”, but reminds downloaders that the production team might have made slight changes to it after the time of his receiving it.

What’s interesting is that one of the concept images xbadwolfx uploaded to the torrent site displays the title of the movie as “Jurassic Park: New Dawn”, while another image says “Jurassic Park IV”. Both these images don’t match the title of the script, which is “Dawn of Extinction: Jurassic Park”. Also, one of the concept images has the year “2006” printed on it.

Despite those discrepancies, the script itself seems to be legitimate. According to the uploader, it is confirmed that all the original Jurassic Park (1) characters are back. What’s yet to be seen is whether Hollywood will actually go ahead and make this movie.

We’re not linking to the torrent for obvious reasons. Although, it’s rather easy to find.

Update: Turns out, the script’s a fake. I guess we should have taken a hint when we found three different titles for the movie. Thanks to Icaterus for letting us know.


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