A week ago Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave the public a sneak peak of the Leopard OS at Apple’s developer conference. A few days later a BETA version of Leopard, handed out to members of the Apple Dev Connection, is being shared on several torrent sites.

Despite the fact that the Beta versions are distributed under strict confidentiality agreements, it is not the first time that a pre-release of Apple leaks out. The Leopard torrent is labeled “APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.WWDC.PREVIEW-OSX build 9A241” was initially posted on demonoid.com, and was indexed by several torrent search sites soon after.

However, Demonoid remembered that Apple can be very protective of thier pre-releases and decided to delete all Leopard releases from their trackers untill further notice.

In the first few weeks of clamour, we have decided not to host Leopard on Demonoid. An announcement will be made when this policy is rescinded.
~ Demonoid

But it didn’t take long before the torrent was reposted using other trackers. The NFO that is included in the “real” Leopard download reads:

WWDC Preview? This is a copy of the preview install demonstrated on the 7th of Aug (couple of days ago) at Worldwide Developers Conference. Final is due in spring 2007, apparently but so far it looks pretty good.


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