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No Starch Press and Wired's news editor Leander Kahney have released free copies of "The Cult of Mac" and "The Cult of iPod" on the Pirate Bay. Publishing music, movies and books on BitTorrent seems to be becoming a trend, and there's nothing wrong with that.

cult of macThe success of the best selling author Paulo Coelho, who posted several of his books on BitTorrent, has inspired the publisher and Leander Kahney -the author of the two books- to do the same.

No Starch Press’ Bill Pollock uploaded the torrent to The Pirate Bay himself, as he writes: “I think that publishers (music and book) are spending too much time circling the wagons and not enough time thinking of ways that they can use technology to advantage.

“Certainly, our move here is a bit unusual, but someone has to take the plunge. May as well be us. After all, we were the first publishers in the United States to come out publicly against the DMCA. Time to put our money where our mouth is, as they say,” Pollock adds.

We applaud this move of course, and hope that many authors and publishers will do similar experiments. When Paulo Coelho, the best-selling author of “The Alchemist” made his Russian translation available, without consent from his publisher, the sales in Russia went from 1,000 books a year, to over 1,000,000. Who doesn’t want that?


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