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A recently launched Facebook application for uTorrent makes it easy to manage your torrents when you're away from your desktop computer. In addition, the application can also search your favorite BitTorrent sites from Facebook, and allows you to add new torrents remotely.

bittorrent facebookThe Facebook application uses uTorrent’s WebUI. The WebUI makes it possible to interact with and control uTorrent over the Internet. This opened up a world of possibilities for creative uTorrent users to build custom add-ons, and the Facebook app is one of them.

Previously, we have reported on other WebUI tools, such as uTorrent widgets, a mobile version of uTorrent, and even an iPhone compatible WebUI. The Facebook application for uTorrent is another example of how the WebUI can be used to integrate uTorrent into other applications.

The uFacebook home page lists all the torrents that are loaded in uTorrent, including statistics such as the current upload and download speed of each file. Once the application is installed, you can remotely start, stop, delete, add, and even search torrents, no matter where you are. That is, if your PC is turned on with uTorrent running.

uFacebook is developed and maintained by the same people who run the BitTorrent meta-search engine Morrent. In addition to this app, the Morrent team has also developed a uTorrent WebUI for the iPhone, and a gadget for the Windows sidebar.

If you want to give it a try, make sure you have enabled the WebUI. To do so, go to Options ,> Preferences ,> Advanced ,> WebUI, and enter you details there. Detailed instructions on how to install the Facebook application, and how to configure the WebUI can be found here.

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