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Facebook Blocks All Pirate Bay Links

At the end of March The Pirate Bay added new functionality to reach out to millions of Facebook users. Just over a week later and the world's largest social networking site has blocked all links to torrents on the world's largest and most infamous BitTorrent tracker.

Pirate Bay Torrents Spread Via Facebook

In a bid to conquer the web bit-by-bit, The Pirate Bay has launched a new feature to allow it to penetrate the social networking site Facebook. With only a single click Facebook users can add their favorite torrents to their profile to share them with friends. The IFPI is not…

Facebook Uses “Social Signals” and Profile Information to Stop Piracy

Social networking giant Facebook has been granted a patent to use profile information to analyze whether shared files are "pirated" or not. The data is carefully analyzed using several social indicators including the interests of the poster and recipient, their geographical location, and their social relationship. According to Facebook the…

Facebook Deletes Torrent Site Fan Page

In common with many websites, several torrent sites have their own Facebook fan pages that are used to interact with users. These pages usually update fans on site news and do not link to torrent files. Despite this, Facebook does not seem tolerant of all torrent site fan pages, and…

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