MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom is Modern Warfare 3 FFA Champion

Just before Christmas while touring the leaderboards on Modern Warfare 3, I decided to take a look at exactly how much effort it would take to get to the Number #1 position on my favorite game mode – Free For All (FFA).

It was pretty soul destroying.

I can’t remember the exact stats when I looked back then but I just did a quick re-check and the task hasn’t gotten any easier.

I have just under 400 FFA wins – the top player currently has 4481, the result of investing a massive 702 hours on the game!

Just to put that into perspective, that’s almost 30 full days and nights, or 60 12-hour days playing constantly. That takes the phrase “I’m going to no-life this shit” to the next level.

So who is this mysterious character with no life? Well, his screen name is MEGARACER and up until Christmas he had the phrase “I LOVE MEGAUPLOAD” in his profile…..

Enjoy the video….

(Oh…if you like the music it’s Netsky’s remix of Shameboy’s ‘Strobot‘ )


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