Mininova the most popular BitTorrent Site

It’s been a year since mininova started and they finally reached the no1 spot of all torrent sites. There has an ongoing battle for the first place over the past three months between torrentspy, the piratebay and mininova. However it seems that mininova is definitely going to take the lead.

If you take a look at the traffic rank graph you will notice that mininova now has taken a solid lead.

Traffic rank over the past 2 months

The increased popularity of mininova hasn’t stayed unnoticed by most of its users, the site was loading extremely slow over the past weeks. Today the Mininova team announced that they are putting up a new server to cope with the increasing traffic. There may be some downtime this weekend.

Mininova keeps improving. One of the keys to success is the user-friendliness of mininova. They listen to the users of the site and improve whenever they can.

Mininova is in fact the only site of the three “big ones” that keeps on growing. If you compare the traffic rank and the daily reach of mininova, torrentspy and the piratebay you see that mininova is still growing while thepiratebay and torrentspy’s traffic seems to stabilize.

Traffic rank over the past 6 months

Bookmark this url if you want to keep track of the changes. The battle continues.

note: Alexa’s data gathering is quite dubious. The exact figures may be not that accurate, but it is a great tool to compare sites and to get a global impression of traffic shifts over time.


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